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Anthurium Red (Flamingo Lily)

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Country of origin: India


This plant looks great when planted indoors. It features large, leathery, arrow-shaped green leaves. Its unusual, large, heart-shaped, showy red flowers bloom indoors. It is high on maintenance can be planted in decorative pots in the living room.

Lights, Water, Action

Get your plants ready to slay!



Bright indirect sunlight


Water once a week

Where to grow

Bright indoors


Low maintenance

Special feature

Air purifying

Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Requires a feed with high phosphorous fertilizer every quarter and while repotting to ensure healthy growth.
Repotting : The anthuriums outgrow their pot every couple of years and need repotting into a bigger pot (2- 3 inches)
Propagation : The easiest way to propagate the Anthurium is through stem cuttings. When the plant is mature enough to have longer stems, cut off a stem nearer to the soil for propagation. Do not worry about the stub you leave behind – with care and time it will grow plantlets.

Common Problems

1. Why are my Anthurium leaves turning yellow?
Yellowing leaves of the Anthurium are a sign of overwatering. Anthuriums need a moist soil, but make sure you don’t overwater them.
2. Why does my Anthurium have brown tips?
Excessive use of fertilizers causes the anthurium’s leaves to develop brown tips.
3. Why does my Anthurium have brown leaves?
Over-watering your anthurium causes a root rot which results in browning of leaves. Water your plant less frequently to fix this issue.

Style and Décor

Light Requirements :The Flamingo plant will only thrive in indirect sunlight – be it bright or low. She will not survive direct sunlight.
Locations :Regular misting to maintain humidity and the flamingo plant will brighten up any corner in your home that gets medium to low light.
Styling/décor tip :If you have a Bohemian décor then trust us that there is a spot marked specially for the Flamingo plant. She is made both for colorful and cheerful interiors or to break the monotony of the modern minimalist décor, especially if it is mostly white. Also, what a stunning gifting option.


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