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Green Ocean is a name that stands firmly with the strong belief of rising above the benchmarks and making new ones throughout its journey of making lives better with diversified products and services. The company deals in a melange of high quality plants and pots along with streamlined marketing solutions and consultancy to transform a name into a brand. The strength lies in the company’s professional and skillful workforce that assists our customers to shop from a wide range of plants, flowers, medicinal plant, fertilizers & air purifying Indoor plants at lowest prices with fast delivery, prompt support & COD available.

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Green Ocean: The Best Online Plant Nursery

Are you looking for the most beautiful and original plants and want to buy plant online? Green Ocean online store offers you the prettiest flowers and plants of all kinds, whether you want to decorate your home or give them as gifts, to your loved ones. Plants are excellent gifts and can also be used to decorate homes and workplaces.

To assist you with this, we provide the best services to buy plants online at affordable prices.

You are free to choose the plants you like from various categories, and we will make sure to deliver them to the specified address.

Green Ocean is the best online plant nursery that offers the most efficient services for buying natural plants online. We also provide you with a variety of categories like shrubs, flowers, indoor, fruits, and succulents plants from which you can choose the plants you want for your little nursery. We enable our customers to experience the most outstanding services in this industry by providing them with these plants and a wide range of possibilities.

Have you ever questioned yourself before? Perhaps there should be an online nursery near me so that you don’t have to visit the local nursery repeatedly. Green Ocean is a place you’ve always wanted to be, where you can pick from a range of indoor and outdoor plant varieties, including money plants, air purifier plants, dragon fruit plants, star fruit plants, small dragon fruit plants, and fruit plants, and many others. What are you still holding out for? Simply select your preferred plant and have it delivered with the help of our top-notch online plant delivery services.

As an online nursery for green plants, with the help of our creative staff, we strive to offer our clients the best plants possible. Throughout the entire process, our team of highly skilled delivery professionals takes safety very seriously while fulfilling all of your orders efficiently. Our team of Green Ocean experts delivers your plants within 3-4 business days.

Plants make a good gift for almost any occasion. In addition to enhancing the beauty of your home, they assist in numerous other benefits as well. With Green Ocean nursery plants, your loved ones will be surprised by your thoughtful gift. Tell us what you need, and we’ll handle it all in the same way. As a top online nursery for plants, we are pleased to meet your needs for any type of plant. Buying plants from the Green Ocean makes a great present, as the plants are beautifully decorated, so you can give them as gifts to your loved ones.

We have the best collection of indoor plants that you can put in your homes with ease. You can even give them as gifts to your loved ones. We provide a variety of indoor plant species that will enhance the aesthetic of your homes and workplaces as Green Ocean nursery live is the best site to buy plants, flower plants, indoor plants, outdoor plants, and Vegetable plants online. The most beautiful, hand-selected outdoor plants are also available at Green Ocean. You could place these plants outside your home to make it look magnificent. When you take care of them and use them to enhance the beauty of your home, they will undoubtedly look great.


Get the most beautiful selection of Vastu and Spiritual plants to let the best energies fill your home. These plants are excellent for raising the amount of positive energy in your home and improving the atmosphere in general. We also provide the greatest and most reasonably priced medicinal and herbal plants. You can bring a breath of fresh air into your home and enjoy a number of health benefits by purchasing plants online from us at the best prices.


We continue to offer you a variety of amazing deals on plants and flowers. Have you ever thought, “I wish there was a plant nursery or fruit plant nursery near me that offered plants at a discount?”. You have come to the right place: Green Ocean online plant nursery offers the best deals on indoor & outdoor plants with minimal rates on the nursery plants price list. Our skilled personnel and strict work requirements enable us to provide you with beautiful and thoughtfully arranged plants with the greatest delivery services.


Green Ocean is also a fruit plant nursery and we have different plant products like Outdoor bulk Plant Pots, Indoor Plant Pots, outdoor plant pots, modern indoor plant pots, Plant Tools and equipment, outdoor plant stands for multiple plants, Equipment, Plant Pebbles Home Depot, Gardening Kit, Diy Gardening Kit, Indoor Gardening Kit, moss stick for plants, moss stick for money plant, dragon fruit plant, cherry tomatoes fruit plant Etc. that can meet all of your needs. Buy plant pots online, buy plant seeds online or buy plant seeds in accordance with your needs, we can also provide you with custom potted plants. You may select any kind of plant, and our staff will be happy to provide it for you in a healthy and fresh condition.


For more questions, get in touch with us!

Plants beyond question bring a smile to everyone’s face, they add warmth to the day and create a sense of calm and peace.

Finding an attractive bunch of nurseries, indoor plants, or outdoor plants that speak to your emotions can be difficult. That’s where Green Ocean online nursery plants step in with superb flower gifts of fantastic varieties so you do not need to hop to florist retailers around you and be settled with a restricted alternative. Green Ocean shall be your reliable online shop in India so you’ll be able to sit within the comfort of your home and order superb plants, and gifts with a couple of faucets on your finger. 

Be it Carnations, Gerberas, Anthuriums, orchids or whether you want to buy rose plants online, monstera plant online, tulsi plant online, money plant online, aloe vera plant online – our nursery has it all – An online florist in India: Green Ocean. Therefore, next time you want to buy flowers, indoor plants, or outdoor plants in India from a trusted online nursery, Green Ocean is the place to go.



Buying Plants Online Not Only Save Your Precious Time, You Have More Product Options, Fast Shipping, Safety From Covid 19 (Avoiding Public Nursuries). Order Plants Online From Green Ocean To Grace Up Your House. Green Ocean Presents A Broad Range Of Live Plants That Can Be Bought Online In India. Our Online Nursery Collection Includes Annual Flowers, Plants Combo, Fertilizers, Gardening Tools, Seeds Etc.

Green Ocean Offers Variety Of Plants, Flowers, Medicinal Plants, Plant Combo, Indoor Plants At Low Prices, Wide Range, Fast Delivery, Prompt Support & COD Available. Order Products Online From Green Ocean , We Deliver 100% Customer Satisfaction And Deliver Plants Within 3 Days At Unbelievable Prices.

We Sell Both Plants (Flowers, Medicinal Plants, Plant Combo, Indoor Plants) And Seeds (Both Vegetables, Flower). Not Only That, You Can Also Buy Fertilizers Like Vermicompost, Cocopeat Online. Green Ocean Also Sell Gardening Tools And Accessories To Meet All Your Gardening Needs.

A Study Carried Out By NASA Back In 1980 Showed That Some Plants Were Particularly Effective At Purifying The Air. The Research Proved That Certain Indoor Plants Can Absorb Toxins Such As Benzene And Formaldehyde, While Plant Filtered Indoor Spaces Have Up To 60% Fewer Airborne Microbes Including Mould Spores And Bacteria. Purifying House Plants On The NASA Approved List Include Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Rubber Plants, Aloe Vera, Bamboo Plant And Jade Plant.

Every Plant Really Does Come With Its Own Pot Or Black Polybag. This Is Included In The Price And We Do It This Way So That You Can Easily Repot Your Plant.

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